Last year we went to the VPL; this year, it was the SFU library. I started out this trip looking for information- on my eminent person, as well as SFU (I’ll have to choose sometime). And of course bonding with all the lovely TALONS.

I wanted to capture this trip through photos; last year I took the photo 11 class and really enjoyed it, so why not? As I’m writing this though, I realize that my camera is not in fact with me at the moment, so I’ll have to share those pics with you in a different post, whenever I get my camera back. Stay tuned.

So what I learned from this trip- Conner can eat a lot (confirmed after the Opera trip) and no one understands the modern art on campus.

Oh, and that there are SO MANY books on my eminent person. Finding information won’t be a problem! My experience from last year was finding one book about my eminent person on amazon (I ended up interviewing the author) and a bunch of webpages. This year I found an autobiography, five or more books about her, and I countless web pages. Hopefully this will make my search for an interviewee somewhat easier!

As for the theme of the trip, I would say information- but not the dry, boring kind. More like a mix of urban knowledge (thanks Katie), discovering your eminent person (like exploring caves in Peru), and a friendly reminder to return your books, courtesy of Mr. Jackson’s life experiences. Kind of like the Indian food of information.

See what I did there? 😉


Anyways, in terms of influence on my project because of the trip, I will definitely be reading some of Margaret Sangar’s autobiographies that I found at the Library- hopefully it’ll let me get inside her head a bit more, (in the least creepy way possible :P). I’ll also think about interviewing some of the other books authors, since last year I found authors to be very helpful people- they’ve gone through a similar research process to write the book, and it makes them very happy to see that someone’s reading what they’ve wrote!

Happy Eminent!