(Walks onto stage with nurse bag/box) *sighs*
Who could imagine that an unwanted child could cause so much pain and harm to a woman? Being a nurse for the working class, I see so many horrible injuries women inflict upon themselves just because they couldn’t support another child. And it truly pains my heart to see this, because I know that these unwanted pregnancies, and in turn these injuries, could be so easily prevented! I have the knowledge that could help these women, yet I am not allowed to share it. Now where is the logic in that?
They say logic is most often replaced by fear. Who were you afraid of when you passed those laws that did not give me permission to help others? Who scared you into preventing me from speaking freely on matters concerning my own health?
Who did you fear when you told women they did not have the rights over their own body?
Let me tell you who you should fear. You should fear me.
Because unlike you, I am not afraid. I am not afraid to stand up for myself, my rights, my gender. I am not afraid of any obstacles, whether it is a law or a threat or the entire country, because I am fighting to hold onto something and my hands are not about to let go. I refuse to watch as women’s control over their own bodies is ripped from their hands, their objections silenced, and their solutions condemned. I refuse to let my body be controlled by anyone but myself.