“Margaret Sanger.” Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, 12 Mar. 2014. Web. 7 Dec. 2014.

Very useful, has a ton of info on it. Especially good for discovering books on my topic (through the bibliography at the bottom of the page) and other sources of information. Not good for a brief overview and is pretty dry. Really good if you’re looking for detail though.


 Also lots of information at this link. Not as much detail as the Wikipedia article but it’s a lot more interesting to read, and less dry. It covers every aspect of Margaret Sanger without bias and also includes citations at the bottom of the page (yay!). Also has links to two videos that are a good break from reading.
SO MUCH STUFF. This is an ongoing project to collect every single paper every written by Margaret Sanger, from professional pamphlets to personal letters. Obviously not good for an outline of her life, but definitely the place to go for details and quotes, and the original writings of Margaret Sanger. Also has a whole section dedicated to links that lead to other original documents on different websites.
Pretty much just a list of letters, papers, pamphlets, etc.
Really nice brief and interesting overview of her life. Narrative, easy to read and not boring. Highlights not only the important achievements but also the important causes of those achievements, and really let’s you see how all the different aspects of her life connect because it isn’t super long.
Autobiography by Margaret Sanger. Useful for seeing her actions through her eyes and getting quotes. Websites are easier to use for specific details than searching through this entire book though.
 On the topic of not useful websites- pretty much anything you see that says THE TRUTH ABOUT MARGARET SANGER in all-caps with multiple exclamation marks. While it’s true that she did believe in eugenics these sites only have information on that, and are pretty biased (quotes out of context, personal opinion, etc.). Not useful.