So first of all a huge gigantic THANK YOU to all the grade nines that planned this thing. It was only when I got home and looked back on the night that I thought ‘Wait, who did the food again? And what about the guest tables and name tags and-’. And then I realized it had been the grade nines, and that I hadn’t even noticed because I was so nervous about my speech and everything else. If it had been me trying to do all that and worry about my speech at the same time, it would have been chaos and disaster and all things bad. So thank you.

In terms of goals met- My main goal was to share my beliefs without fear of judgement, and I think I met this goal, considering I was shouting about birth control and women’s rights in front of a theater of people, without feeling too awkward.  Yeah….pretty sure I met it.


Learning Center Evaluation:

For my learning center, my main goal was to ‘keep it classy’. Especially when it came to a type of interactive activity that related to my person/topic: birth control.

I think you might be able to understand why I was at a bit of a loss when it came to this.

So I asked almost everyone I know for ideas and suggestions, and eventually what I ended up with for my interactive activity was six tennis balls and a floral print sheet with holes in it. Oh, and the words ‘Condom’, ‘Spermicide’, etc. written above each hole in pretty colors.

Keeping it classy.

The main idea of the activity was to visually/physically represent how much better the birth control pill worked in comparison to the other contraceptives they had during Margaret Sangers time. Each hole represented a different contraceptive method, and each hole was a different size depending on how well it worked. The smaller the hole, the better it worked, demonstrating that just like it was harder to get a tennis ball through the smaller holes, it was harder to get pregnant if you used a certain contraceptive.

I also had a timeline of Margaret Sanger’s life, and ended up using candy to represent pills for my ‘food’ aspect.

Night of the Notables
Pic courtesy of the TALONS flickr


I think the hardest part of the entire night was staying in character- if I had a dollar for every time I said ‘I mean, I”, i’d be rich. Or maybe it was the struggle of constantly having to re-tape my sheets…sigh…

But other than that, I think Eminent went well. I got a lot of compliments on  my speech, and while it may not have been as good as last years, I didn’t forget my entire speech or trip on stage or something, so I consider it a success. My learning center was definitely better than last years, but the grade nines still totally showed me up, not that I minded. Good for you guys. Now see if you can show us up with your speeches next year. I’ll definitely be there.

The most memorable moment of eminent? Probably the time spent backstage, waiting in silence with the people I’ve known for what seems like forever as we swap looks and hand gestures in total silence that give support, congratulation, tips on much needed breathing exercises, and methods of getting rid of hiccups five minutes before your speech (true story). Standing in the ‘super’ pose (hands in the air and legs spread) because apparently it releases hormones that boost confidence. The smiles and thumbs up I got while waiting in the wings, fingers crossed that I wouldn’t start hiccuping again. (Swallowing water upside down always works, right?) And of course the hugs I got after coming off stage with my heart beating loud enough that the person I was hugging could feel it.

Yeah, I always remember that.