Winter break is over, school has started up again, and most importantly, In-depth has begun! Last year I tackled the idea of writing and drawing a manga (which is still going on!), but this year…

*fireworks* COSPLAY *fireworks*

Yeah I was kind of inspired by Jeanie and Devon last year.

Fiona was also seemingly inspired, as she’s doing cosplay for her in-depth as well. Which has already resulted in some collaboration, such as two group cosplays we want to do! First in line is an Avengers (Marvel) cosplay with the two of us and some other friends- I’ll be cosplaying Loki for this. Second in line is ‘Eeveeloutions’ (Pokemon), and I’ll be cosplaying Umbreon while Fiona cosplays the counterpart, Espeon. I’m super excited about both of these, especially the Loki one, since on April 3rd I’ll get to show it off at Vancouver FanExpo (pretty much the local ComicCon).

Jessica and another cosplayer at Vancouver FanExpo 2014, cosplaying Luna Lovegood and a Slytherin student

So what exactly is cosplay? The word is a mix of ‘Costume’ and ‘Play’, but the actual activity is making and wearing a costume in a style or representing a character from a work of fiction. There’s a lot of different types of crafting that go into the costume making- crafts such as sewing, woodworking, wig styling, makeup application and even metalworking!

Another cosplayer from Vancouver FanExpo 2014, cosplaying Iron Man

But, other than making a costume for FanExpo, what’s the point of all this? Well you see, I consider myself to be an artist (and I hope other people do as well otherwise that’d be awkward), and ‘wearable’ is a medium I’ve never really worked in. So I chose cosplay because I want to explore this medium! And also because I’m a gigantic nerd but shhh.

In terms of mentors, Fiona and I will most likely be sharing Jeanie and Devon, who did cosplay for their indepth last year (links to their blogs above) Our meeting are going to be all together (for inspiration and support! There are only so many hours you can spend alone at a sewing machine…), at least once a week. Most of the time spent with my mentor will probably be brainstorming, problem solving, and some guidance if I’m new to a concept, but most of the actual work on the costume will be done on my own time, since it reduces the need to transport tons of fabric, thread, and whatever other supplies I might be using. For my first meeting (hopefully next week!) my main goal is to find out where I can get cheap supplies (fabric, wigs, contacts, patterns) , since cost is definitely a bit of a concern for me and my bank account…



So for my first cosplay, I’ll be making a genderbend of Loki, a Marvel character. (Genderbend means a costume altered to look more like something worn by the opposite gender, which would be female in this case). I’m aiming to have the design completed by Saturday next week, but the actual creation of the costume is a bit more difficult to estimate a time frame for. I’m going to try to have it done for April 3rd, since that’s the date of FanExpo!

My second cosplay will be of Umbreon, one of Eevee’s evolutions (from Pokémon). If my first cosplay takes all the way up until April third to complete, my goal will be to have this costumes design completed by the week after (April 10th). At the latest I’d like to have this costume done by In-depth night (May 25th)!

Now if I magically manage to have extra time (very unlikely), I’ll be starting on my third cosplay which will be of Nagisa, a character from an anime called Free!

So yeah, that’s pretty much what my in-depth project looks like at the moment! I’m super excited for my own project, and to see what everyone else comes up with. Happy in-depthing everyone!