loki costume draft
Loki Cosplay Design


So I didn’t mention this in my previous post, since I wasn’t sure if it was going to work out, but I’ve actually been looking into another mentor- James’ sister Lauren. She’s been sewing for about half her life, but it was three years ago that she started regularly making cosplays for herself and others. You can check out some of her creations/designs here! She confirmed that she was willing to be my mentor last week, and we held our first meeting with everyone last Sunday. It was kind of amazing- She brought a compendium she wrote on the basics of cosplay for Fiona and I- it’s six pages long!

We spent the rest of the meeting going over the design ideas we had, and how we could (or could not) bring them into existence, and near the end we even had spatternome extra time to make the pattern for my bracer (from Loki cosplay). The best way to make an armour pattern is by wrapping whatever area you want the armour to cover (my forearm in my case) in plastic wrap, then covering that with an opaque tape, and then drawing the shape you want directly on that tape. After you finish that just cut the tape of and cut the shape out. Voila! Instant pattern.



How to agree, disagree, and differ:

When meeting with my mentors, I rarely disagree with them- after all, I don’t know much about cosplay yet, so it’s hard to have an opinion about where to buy fabric or whatnot. Instead, I tend to agree with my mentors- they are the experts, so I trust their judgment. We may differ sometimes (with the limited knowledge I have) , but its usually just because of personal preferences, or experiences. On the other hand, my mentors do a lot more disagreeing and differing amongst themselves. Since they all have a personalized knowledge of cosplay, I sometimes get different suggestions from each one- anything from best armour making technique, to where to buy contacts and wigs. Sometimes my mentors agreed with each other (best armour making technique- EVA foam crafting), and sometime they didn’t (Where to buy contacts- Uniqso vs PinkyParadise), but the disagreements were really helpful to me, because it brought to light a lot of points I may have not considered otherwise.

Also, I’ve recently been to talking to Karolina, who’s doing photography for her in-depth, and I may have coerced her into doing a photo-shoot for the costumes Fiona and I will be making. We’re hoping to hold that sometime in early April- I’m super excited!!!

Seems like I’m trying to involve the entire class in my project, but Vanessa F. has also shown some interest in doing the makeup (as beauty makeup is her in-depth this year) for the photo-shoot. I guess I just can’t help it- I love working with other people; It keep me motivated! Maybe that’s why I have three mentors…