Where have we been? In front of my laptop for an hour and a bit trying to answer this question.

Where are we going? To conclusion of this blog post hopefully…


Frustrations aside, the answer to these questions really depends on the “we”.  “We” could mean the human race, it could mean Canada, it could mean the afternoon Talons class of 2015, and that is a whole lot of different “we’s” to cover. I could go through every single one, but to me it seemed easier to find one place that everyone has been and one place everyone one is going.

The Google homepage obviously.

More like the past and the the future. We’ve all come from the past and we’re all going to the future, courtesy of the progression of time. Maybe one day we’ll even be able to come from the future and go to the past, which would technically be coming from the past of the future of the present and going to the past of our present, so coming from the past and going to the past. Wouldn’t that make these questions unnecessarily convoluted.

But to my knowledge time travel isn’t possible yet, so we’re left to consider where all the “we’s” have been, and where they’re going- whether it’s from Earth to Mars, the Sochi Winter Games to the Rio summer games, or the 2014 adventure trip to the 2015 trip.

And me? I’m going to the publish button.