Socials Midterm

These past months in Social Studies I have been learning about the creation of Canada as a country. The class looked at events occurring from 1815 up to the confederation in 1867, and explored them in depth by taking on the roles of different people during that time period. We expressed these roles through different mediums such as blogging, twitter interactions, and in-class debates and discussions, and met many of the.. Read More

Confederation Final Address

Final Address: I wonder what would have been if my mother was white. Would I have been happier? Lived longer? Loved more? Known more? Would I have been happy for this new country, created only a couple days ago? Proud of it even? Because I am not proud of what our land has become. It has become a place where people are not equal and quality of life depends on.. Read More


April 1864 The news we keep receiving at the trading post has been keeping the men arguing late into the night recently- French is a loud language when one puts passion behind it, to the misfortune of the sleep of my children and I. From what I’ve understood, the cities south of this village are asking to form this nation into one separate of Britain. My husband makes such a big deal out of it,.. Read More