April 1864

The news we keep receiving at the trading post has been keeping the men arguing late into the night recently- French is a loud language when one puts passion behind it, to the misfortune of the sleep of my children and I. From what I’ve understood, the cities south of this village are asking to form this nation into one separate of Britain. My husband makes such a big deal out of it, but it all seems so far away from here that I wonder if it will really affect this place. I shared my thoughts with him, but as usual he brushed them off as ‘ideas of a womanly nature’, which are not ideas at all in the opinion of many. So when I am not cooking or taking care of the children I will share my ideas on paper instead- I am so thankful that my father taught me to write when I was young- it is a skill not many women have, and has helped me in many ways these past years of my life. Especially with my work in the trading post, as I can record the trades alongside my husband.

The furs have been plentiful, and what used to be a seasonal camp around our trading post has grown into the beginnings of a village. I am happy for the success of my husband and the business, but it has brought many more people to our area, even some wives of the white men. I did not mind at first, but after a while I began to notice the disdain they save seemingly only for people of mixed blood. I pretend not to notice how they sneer at my skin, but I cannot stand how they do this even to the children, as if their pale skin makes them better. Would making a nation separate of Britain fix this for my family, as my husband is hoping it will fix the discrimination against the French by the British? I cannot see how, as my kin do not even have a representative in this discussion.