Final Address:

I wonder what would have been if my mother was white. Would I have been happier? Lived longer? Loved more? Known more? Would I have been happy for this new country, created only a couple days ago? Proud of it even? Because I am not proud of what our land has become. It has become a place where people are not equal and quality of life depends on the color of your and your parent’s skin. A place where individuals who represent more than one nation are sneered at, rather than celebrated. A place my people have died, died trying to make it better- did their lives mean nothing? Did they die only to be refused equality, again and again? It is not something I would have died for, but then again, I am no warrior. I cook and I clean and I stay quiet, just as any other woman is expected to. I am just like any other woman, yet I am still considered lesser because of my mother. Now I am a mother too, and my children will be considered lesser as well, because of me. No mother wants this for her children, yet I have brought it upon mine as my mother brought it upon myself. And it sounds as if she and I are to blame but I am not blaming her, no; I am blaming the ones who decided that our heritage is something that makes my family less, something they should be ashamed of. The ones that decided that it is something I should be blaming my mother for, and myself for what my children will have to go through. If my mother was white, would I have more than just the right to be ashamed?


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^In reply to Louis Riel’s complaints about the life of a Metis person^


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^In response to Rosalie L’Hirondelle’s (Jessica S) series of tweets concerning her displeasure with the defeated proposal of a pan-aboriginal confederation.^