B2 Document of Learning

For the past little while, the TALONS Socials 10 class has been exploring learning outcome B2, which focuses on the impact of interactions between First Nation peoples and European explorers/settlers in Canada from 1815 to 1914. What interests me about this topic is the fact that it’s something I’ve rarely heard of- which brings up some thoughts and feelings that I think were accurately portrayed by the mood in the.. Read More

In Depth 7-Fan Expo!

So it’s been a while since my last post, and quite a bit has happened since then, mainly attending Fan Expo. If anyone’s wondering about what this “Fan Expo” is, it’s basically the local comic convention. Although in wasn’t my first convention I still had a really fun time there, and being in costume made it ten times better- being asked for pictures is a major confident booster, and little.. Read More