The most compelling political narrative is, in my opinion, the identity narrative. There are many reasons for this, the main being that the people who share or relate to the lifestyle/traits that a party describes in an identity narrative will find it easier to connect or agree with that narrative, and in turn that party. For example, the NDP identity narrative suggests that many Canadians have families, run small businesses, etc., creating an identity that is very local and community based, as seen in their political ad. This would make families, small business owners, or anyone else that feels a connection to local/community based relations more inclined to agree with the NDP as they would feel a greater connection on a personal level.

Although I agree with many of the NDP’s positions on social justice and domestic policy issues, as a younger person I find it easier to connect to the Liberal’s identity narrative, even though it’s very similar to that of the NDP’s. I also appreciate that their targeted demographic is the younger generation- as the countries future, I think it’d really important that at least one of the parties believes that the opinion of the younger generation is important and worth quite a bit. I also think that Green party has a pretty strong narrative, mainly because the environment is something that is going to become increasingly important in Canada’s  (and the worlds) future.


NDP political ad

Liberal Political ad