socials cartoon


This illustration depicts a common occurrence in Canada this past decade- the uncomfortably large amount of murdered and missing indigenous women (MMIW) cases that have been “swept under the rug” by police over the years. Although this issue has only recently been brought to the public’s attention, (and to my attention most recently when coming upon the strangely minimalist article about Angelina Rose Custer, a 14 year old aboriginal girl who recently went missing in downtown Winnipeg) aboriginal women have been struggling with this issue for much longer- an RCMP report released in May revealed that between 1980 and 2012, 1,181 aboriginal women had been declared missing or murdered, with 225 of those cases remaining unsolved. As for after 2012, that data has yet to be collected. The reason for this? RCMP Superintendent Tyler Bates says there was “no intent as far as the broader police community to continue with maintaining a current, active data set.”

I guess that makes sense. After all, the numbers should stay the same if the police continue with what they’re doing to solve the problem.

Oh right, that’s nothing.