In-Depth 3- Fabric!

Big news of the day, I’ve finally bought (most of) my materials for the Loki costume! I was super nervous about how much it was going to cost (specifically the pleather and stretch material), but somehow I managed to keep it at sixty dollars. Thank you Fabricana for your student-friendly prices. Also, thank you to my mentor Lauren- The stores pretty big and it would have probably taken me ages.. Read More

In-Depth week 2- More mentors!

  So I didn’t mention this in my previous post, since I wasn’t sure if it was going to work out, but I’ve actually been looking into another mentor- James’ sister Lauren. She’s been sewing for about half her life, but it was three years ago that she started regularly making cosplays for herself and others. You can check out some of her creations/designs here! She confirmed that she was.. Read More

In-Dept Post #1-COSPLAY

Winter break is over, school has started up again, and most importantly, In-depth has begun! Last year I tackled the idea of writing and drawing a manga (which is still going on!), but this year… *fireworks* COSPLAY *fireworks* Yeah I was kind of inspired by Jeanie and Devon last year. Fiona was also seemingly inspired, as she’s doing cosplay for her in-depth as well. Which has already resulted in some.. Read More