Socials Final- Historical Life

My life began when I made my first pair of moccasins. There was something about the shoddily sewn caribou hide that made me feel so free; running down the trapper trails so far ahead that my father would call out, despite the fact that it might warn the animals in the area. My mother would simply smile. She had done the same when she was my age, had felt the.. Read More

Under the rug: MMIW

  This illustration depicts a common occurrence in Canada this past decade- the uncomfortably large amount of murdered and missing indigenous women (MMIW) cases that have been “swept under the rug” by police over the years. Although this issue has only recently been brought to the public’s attention, (and to my attention most recently when coming upon the strangely minimalist article about Angelina Rose Custer, a 14 year old aboriginal.. Read More

Political Narrative Doc of Learning

The most compelling political narrative is, in my opinion, the identity narrative. There are many reasons for this, the main being that the people who share or relate to the lifestyle/traits that a party describes in an identity narrative will find it easier to connect or agree with that narrative, and in turn that party. For example, the NDP identity narrative suggests that many Canadians have families, run small businesses,.. Read More

B2 Document of Learning

For the past little while, the TALONS Socials 10 class has been exploring learning outcome B2, which focuses on the impact of interactions between First Nation peoples and European explorers/settlers in Canada from 1815 to 1914. What interests me about this topic is the fact that it’s something I’ve rarely heard of- which brings up some thoughts and feelings that I think were accurately portrayed by the mood in the.. Read More

In Depth 7-Fan Expo!

So it’s been a while since my last post, and quite a bit has happened since then, mainly attending Fan Expo. If anyone’s wondering about what this “Fan Expo” is, it’s basically the local comic convention. Although in wasn’t my first convention I still had a really fun time there, and being in costume made it ten times better- being asked for pictures is a major confident booster, and little.. Read More

Socials Midterm

These past months in Social Studies I have been learning about the creation of Canada as a country. The class looked at events occurring from 1815 up to the confederation in 1867, and explored them in depth by taking on the roles of different people during that time period. We expressed these roles through different mediums such as blogging, twitter interactions, and in-class debates and discussions, and met many of the.. Read More

Confederation Final Address

Final Address: I wonder what would have been if my mother was white. Would I have been happier? Lived longer? Loved more? Known more? Would I have been happy for this new country, created only a couple days ago? Proud of it even? Because I am not proud of what our land has become. It has become a place where people are not equal and quality of life depends on.. Read More


April 1864 The news we keep receiving at the trading post has been keeping the men arguing late into the night recently- French is a loud language when one puts passion behind it, to the misfortune of the sleep of my children and I. From what I’ve understood, the cities south of this village are asking to form this nation into one separate of Britain. My husband makes such a big deal out of it,.. Read More

In-depth 6- The deadline’s not in the distance anymore

Fan Expo (aka deadline for my costume) is next weekend, so I’ve been working madly to finish my costume for the last two weeks, and I’m pleased to say I’ve made a lot of progress! I’ve finished my catsuit, and it looks pretty good in my opinion. It’s not perfect, but it’s very wearable and I’m pretty proud that my first project with stretch fabric turned out so well. I’ve.. Read More

In depth post 5- No armour just yet

So this week I was hoping to meet with my mentor so we could start working on the bracers, but unfortunately she was sick. It looks like there’s a bit of a cold going around- my dad got sick as well. Anyways, get well soon wishes to Lauren and hopefully we’ll be able to get some armour made when I get back from Cuba next week! So instead of meeting.. Read More