I don’t really know how to write a journal. It seems strange to me that one would write down their thoughts like Papa writes down the numbers of furs he sells. I think it’s much easier to just tell them, like Nikâwiy* tells me stories. My favorite story is the tale of Ayas, a great hero who defeats many monsters and can change his form. I think this Ayas is.. Read More

Where are all the Women?

It’s a question I asked while searching through the colonial Canada resources the talons classes have recently compiled. Among the numerous accounts of the War of 1812 I was disappointed to find only one article centered around women, specifically of a certain women associated with that war. It’d be nice to hear about her rather than the brand of chocolate more often. Laura Secord. If you’ve never heard of her before you can check out this link kindly.. Read More

A Time Travel Tangent

Where have we been? In front of my laptop for an hour and a bit trying to answer this question. Where are we going? To conclusion of this blog post hopefully…   Frustrations aside, the answer to these questions really depends on the “we”.  “We” could mean the human race, it could mean Canada, it could mean the afternoon Talons class of 2015, and that is a whole lot of.. Read More

In-Depth 4- Wigs and Patterns

The last couple of weeks have been pretty busy, but I still managed to work on my costume. I went to my mentors place last week to cut out the patterns, and Lauren actually has a studio where she works on her costumes in her basement- it’s kind of amazing. She also gave me some notions and a jar of Gesso, which is a product used for prepping canvas for.. Read More

Leadership Challenges Questions

1. The way I best deal with tension in a stressful situation is by making sure I understand the reason for the tension. If I can understand the cause of the tension it makes it easier to solve the situation, and also gives me insight on what not to do so I can prevent the tension in the future. 2. If you find yourself following an ineffective leader, you should.. Read More